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Created by thiago on 2016-06-25 00:25:23


First, let me introduce myself.

I'm a brazilian author of two other blogs, Simply C++ and Blogaro! and passionated about development and programming languages.

I was thinking about writing a new blog - Thiago Cafe and I've been asked why. Let me answer here.


My other blogs are written in Portuguese. Now, living out of Brazil, I cannot show my posts to my co-workers and the people reading my other blogs in Brazil feel better reading in Portuguese. There's a win-win situation here. I write in english and it will be a great exercise to practice writing in a foreign language and also I'll be able to show the posts to my new local friends!

Language again

I wanted to learn D. The best way to learn a language is writing code. That's what I'm doing right now. I decided to write this blog software in D. Another great win-win situation

Language - last time!

I heard: Why D ?

I thought: Why not D ?

I said: Because the language has some very nice features. (This is true!)

Other thing I heard: Why don't you get a platform instead of writing from scratch ?

I said: Because writing from scratch is awesome!

What I intend to write about ?

With this blog, I'm first start writing about writing a blog system. This is just like web development, but not quite like it. I'm, as I said before, writing from scratch.

When this blog system gets some maturity, I'm planning to write about other tech-related stuff, like languages, functional programming, etc.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy the evolution !

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You can easily find me on twitter - @thiedri

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