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Created by Thiago Guedes on 2024-04-30 05:59:56

Texted - Free your text!


Texted is a database-less blogging platform where you can write your posts using markdown or HTML.


Many times, I had content in different formats or platforms and it was not simple to recover or render/read. From issues with MS Word documents depending on a closed source paid application to read, google docs and wordpress posts that were hard to export, I was tired of the mess. To make things worse, sometimes, a bad change in those documents (sometimes by mistake) made them irrecoverable.

How do I use it?

All the posts and templates you see in this website are hosted in gitlab, meaning that all is versioned and no small mistakes can make me lose what I wrote.

Suggested workflow

Or, what is my workflow?

  1. Templates and posts (what is generated by texted-tool bootstrap) are in a git repository (gitlab)
  2. All changes are pushed to git and in the host pulled
  3. After pulling, I restart the texted service

With that, I don't lose any content and I can even open the content in the gitlab repo and see the rendering before restarting

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